Thursday, May 26, 2016

Double Knocker Norton

 The Original Manx Norton, 500cc Double Knocker, Garden Gate Frame.
This was the beginning of many years of the Norton Manx dominating in 
Road Racing world wide in the 50's and early 60's. The Featherbed followed this model.
 This particular Manx was found in San Diego and after some investigation was found to be the 1950 Daytona Winner of Billy Mathews AMA #98. Billy's Grandson had inherited all his Grand Dads collection and had no real interest. Fortunately it was saved and will be preserved for ever.

 Billy Mathews, Dick Klamforth and Bill Tuman 1950 Grand National Champion

Norton always wanted to impress at Daytona , America being it's best market by miles.

 Bobby Hill Grand National Champ 1951-1952 and Mr and Mrs Klamforth.

This lucky fellow has his own early Double Knocker Street Racer in a Featherbed frame.

Harley's Water Cooled Flat Track Racer

Davis Fisher's XG750R which the Motor Company says is derived from their street version of the Revolution X 700. Young 18 year old Davis has been tempted into the Factory Rider position with the task of developing the made in India machine. It has proven to be about as unreliable as Brad's XR750. The 700 and 500 Street Bikes look and feel really cheesy and I am amazed anyone would buy one but, a version that looked like this would be an instant hit. Lets hope the XG750R comes alive for Fisher at this weekends Springfield Mile. The kid deserves a super competitive mount to match his incredible talent.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Wide Whites - A timeless classic

240Z Best looking Japanese car ever.

Thank you AMA and Fanschoicetv.

What a treat to be able to watch the complete AMA Grand National Championship live, no matter where you are in the World. This was my Sacramento Mile Qualifying. The best of both worlds,celebrating a birthday and seeing all the action live, not missing a thing. I always watch the complete show, from the first hot laps to the Checkers live on Fanschoicetv . They were always good and they are getting better and better.
 Got home in time to watch the whole program, awesome ! Thank you very much indeed AMA and Fanschoicetv.