Tuesday, October 21, 2014

J. A. Preswich

This 500cc Bean Oil burning bad boy was the rock solid foundation of Speedway Racing for many decades

Monday, October 20, 2014

Jared Mees AMA Grand National Champion for the 2nd time

Congratulations to Jared Mees and the Rogers Racing Team.
Mees finishes Pomona in fourth place, with just enough points to win the No.1 plate again. He is greeted by his Team and his wife Nichole who is sporting a fresh cast on the broken ankle she hooked in a hole in practice earlier that day.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pomona Half Mile Winner Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith came to Pomona and did everything he could have done to win the Championship. He dominated on the track. No one came close, winning the final race of the year by a huge margin over Jake Johnson and Brad Baker. Yet, he came up short on his Championship bid and ended up three points shy of Jared Mees, who took the No.1 Plate by finishing 4th. After a long season filled with great victories and WTF moments, Bryan has got to be planning his 2015 season with some valuable lessons under his belt. What an effort by the whole Villa-Esparza,Crosley Radios, Howerton Racing Team. The Kawasaki proved ultra fast and reliable , good on all kinds of tracks and Bryan rode the wheels off it every time he threw his leg over it. The Mega Mile was testimony to Smiths skills and determination and Pomona was the exclamation point on their attack to dominate and grab the No.1 Plate in 2015.
Grand Marshal of the Pomona National ,Gene Romero and Sammy Tanner in the Winner's Pit post race.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


SCFTA Perris "Night before the National"

Round 10 "The night before the National" So Cal Flat Track Assoc drew riders from all over the country and provided exciting racing throughout all the classes, from the Kids to the Pros. The afternoon was a pleasant 85F that turned into perfect racing conditions when the sun went down.There was a big turnout of Pros gunning for the $6000 purse and the Main was exciting with great racing even though it was dominated by Jeff Carver, National #23 on his Carver's BBQ Honda 450. For a guy who doesn't race Perris very often at all ,he showed the regulars ,with lots of experience on the little track,how to get around it with perfect lines and blazing speed. Nice job Jeff !, that was something to see. Kayl Kolkman held his own for second place with a very determined National No.1, Brad Baker hot on his heels in third. 4th Jimmy Wood, 5th Brandon Robinson,6th Mike Rush,7th Bugs Pearson,8th Justin Jones, 9th Scott Baker and 10th local hot shoe Nick Gil.
Jeff Carver had Perris wired and looked great out front and flying.
Local Star and many time Perris Pro Winner, Kayl Kolkman.
National # 1, Brad Baker was putting on a Flat Track show but had his hands full with Kolkman and Carver.Watching him try every thing in the book to get by Kayl is what good clean aggressive racing is all about.
Jimmy Wood
Brandon Robinson
Mike Rush
Bugs Pearson
Justin Jones made the drive from Holley, NY worthwhile with a good finish in the Main
Scott Baker.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bryan Smith #42 Pomona and Championship Bound

No one could be more motivated to win the Pomona Half Mile National and the No.1 Plate than Bryan Smith. He has to be still smarting and remembering last seasons final race at Pomona where he went bar to bar with Brad Baker for 25 laps and came up a couple of bike lengths short, after what was an epic battle. The Villa-Esparza, Crosley, Howerton Kawasaki is remarkably strong on the Paperclip Pomona track. Long straights suit it well and the tight corners, not so much but, Smith throws it into those tight turns keeping his momentum up. Last year he battled Brad Baker on the The Dodge Bros Harley which was the class of the field by miles and Bryan was almost his equal. This year I don't think there is a Harley capable of keeping up with him. Zanotti Racing's Kenny Coolbeth Jr would be the most likely competitor but he suffers from injuries inflicted upon him at Calistoga. Jake could come alive on the Ramspur Winery Harley and Mees is leading the points and the most likely competitor. Baker surely wants to repeat last years result and is on a roll with some nice wins, Calistoga and Willow Springs. No one however ,in my opinion, has the will or the machine to match Smith. How the finishing points pan out through the top contenders is hard to tell. I have not seen all the possible combinations but, one thing for sure, it is going to be a fantastic end to an incredible season of Grand National Flat Track Racing.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Bad break for Bonsey

Stevie Bonsey won his first Grand National at Calistoga and I'm sure he went back there recently, confident he could do it again. An early event high side left him with a severely broken collar bone and out of the Half Mile National. Bonsey is a charger. I like his style. He obviously gives it all he's got, all the time, every lap. If you are not picking yourself up out of the hay bales once in a while, you're not trying hard enough. Bonsey is being doctored up and with some tough determination, will be twisting the throttle on his Zanotti Racing/Classic Harley at the Pomona Final, racing for the win