Saturday, May 23, 2015


 Nick Armstrong #44E showed how to do it on Mr Ed's 21

 Tom Ferguson always looking for more speed goes down two teeth on the rear sprocket on Jim McMurren's Harley Sprint.
Check out his Port-A-Hill ( Portable Hill ) starter manufactured by Rob North, National City, Calif
 It worked perfectly and he dominated the Classic Brakeless Main again.
 The Hooligan Class is always entertaining with all kinds of riding styles on the great sounding Sportsters

Friday, May 22, 2015

Bad Bart at Carlsbad National 1961

 Bart Markel comes up out of the Horseshoe turn at Carlsbad. This was a blind uphill left hander that lead onto the back section seen below. This corner is right where the flagman's head is. Bart looks neat and tidy through here with his feet on the pegs. In this era, most riders had there foot out skimming the surface ,just in case they needed it to correct a big slide. Bart don't need no stinkin' gloves! And I like the tucked under pipe on his KR for ground clearance.
Carlsbad was an incredible place. Road Race Track that hosted Nationals, Moto-Cross Course home of the USGP of Moto-Cross in the golden era when we were finally vanquishing the Europeans and  also a Drag Strip of note and home of  the ABC Superbikers for years. The road course was the Drag Strip and it's run-off area connected to the twisting undulating back section. It was not very long in length but provided super racing and fantastic spectator viewing. It was bulldozed in the early 90's and the hills in the background are wall to wall houses and the track is a very quiet Industrial Park. I drive down what was once the Drag Strip with big Warehouses on each side and pine for the those old glory days. Us San Diegans really miss what was the epicenter of our racing world.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

SCFTA Perris Short Track Round Four Action

 May showers caused some welcome cool weather for the SCFTA Round 4. Pulling into Perris the giant car dealership thermometer read an astounding 66F under grey clouds. Perfect racing weather that would be nice all year but, we are used to an average of at least 90F. The track was perfect and still needed some water for practice and some early heats. As the night went on the rain soaking came up and provided a unusually wetter than normal track. Really nice for some incredible racing.

Springfield !

 Here we go, the long anticipated Springfield Mile with a lot of new rider /bike combos with none other than Three Time Road Racing World Champ, Troy Bayliss, Ducati mounted and out prove he is no slouch when it comes to Flat Track too! Good Luck to him. No doubt it will be an eye opener to the uninitiated Aussie Miler. The lightning fast, blue groove Springfield is so difficult on so many levels. Let alone the speed and the host of 1st class competitors, the draft is the crucial factor at this track and this is not an easy thing to cotton to with no brakes and no experience of going from 5th or 6th and whipping out at just the right time and passing the pack for the lead. It is something you don't want to screw up for you competitors either. Troy has to make his way through the heats and has a lot of learning to do, so I hope he takes it easy and doesn't try to win the first one. Making the Main would be a huge accomplishment and he has 4 more Miles to go. The Sacto Mile is next and us West Coast fans are looking forward to giving the bloke from Oz a real West Coast welcome.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

CH Wheat 2015 Trailblazers Dick Hammer Award Recipient.

 CH lifelong motorcycle enthusiast who took his passion for bikes and racing and turned it into IMS, the innovative M/C products company that is so well known and loved by all of us off-roaders and racers.
 In the 50s and 60s, CH was a powerhouse in TT racing on all kinds of machinery.
 Matchless, Triumph and BSA , CH was winning on them.

 BSA Factory Team Catalina GP 1956. BSA wins 1-2-3 with Feets 1st, 
Walt Axthelm 2nd and CH 3rd.
DeAnza TT  #6x AMA Pro Expert CH blasts off with Bugsy #64 and Johnny Gibson #5

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Norton '73 850

Its amazing how the bikes stay the same but the riders and their fashions change constantly.
Me on my Norton back when you would not be caught dead without bellbottoms