Friday, October 2, 2015

Latus Motors, Portland, Oregon

 Enjoying some beautiful Fall weather in Portland. Latus Motors is right around the corner , so I always try to visit when I'm here. George Latus is a real racer and supports GNC Racing with his Latus / Castrol / Triumph Team with National #44 Brandon Robinson doing a fantastic job on what is one of two Factory Triumphs. In the Triumph Showroom there is a big window that looks right into the racing dept where the #44 is being prepared. Latus have been a Harley dealer for ever in Portland and the shop is sprinkled with some fine racing equipment on display.

The Castrol Rocket land speed record machine is housed here also. Bonneville was rained out recently and their new Pilot, Guy Martin came off in an Irish Road Race and banged himself up pretty good so, maybe next year it will all come together for all parties and they can get the motorcycle record.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pomona Half Mile Memories

Early October and everybody is usually high on the expectations of the AMA Final at Pomona ,California. Not to be this year or any other year as the track is due for obliteration to make room for even more houses in Southern California. What a beautiful facility and race track too! The whole thing reeks of fat cat, short term profit by a corrupt city council and to hell with heritage , history and preserving something wonderful for many future generations of Los Angelinos. 
Now I have the tears out of my eyes, here is a really special moment at the track. Mr Ron Wood lines up one of his fabulous creations at Tech prior to the AMA Final 2011. Ron has recently closed down his business so this might be the last of a long line of Ron Wood Red Specials.
The late, great Jethro Halbert winging the BMW around the cushion Half Mile
Time flies and twists and turns. Here Jake and Kenny battle, Jake on the Zanotti XR and Kenny on the Factory Harley. Strangely the roles have reversed this year with Jake ending up on the Factory bike and Kenny scoring two great victories this year riding the Dave Zanotti Harley-Davidson.
Jake Johnsons enjoying the creme de la creme of the Grand National field.
Jared Mees has got to love Pomona as he won a couple of No.1 plates here.

Soon to be Grand National Champ, Brad Baker has always scorched the Pomona dirt. He claims it is his favorite track . He won the No.1 plate here and to see him ride this paper-clip cushion has to be one of the best sights in Motor Sports.

So many racing memories right here after many decades of intense, highly competitive motorcycle racing.
The 450s line up for early hot laps.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

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Pit Bikes

 Dead Stock and Cool.
 Built to Boogie Mini