Sunday, September 24, 2017

Shayna Texter whoops the boys in Texas.

Tiny Shayna Texter is a huge talent. She grabbed one big handful of throttle and kept it wide open to win the Lone Star Half-Mile 450 National with a display of dirt track prowess that hopefully will win her the championship. She lead the entire race with only one competitor challenging her on the outside a number of times but she stuck to her line and took the checkers in grand style. Good Luck in Perris, Calif Shayna. The track is almost identical to Texas and hopefully your results will be too !

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Carver Clobbers Them All In Texas !

 Jeffrey Carver Jr. rode the race of his life to vanquish all comers, including the almost invincible Indian Wrecking Crew at the Lone Star Half Mile AFT National. He lead wire to wire in a dominating fashion from the flash of the green light and gaped his only real challenger, the new 2017 National Champ, Jared Mess. Not only did he embarrass the entire field with a stunning " I smoked your ass" performance, he did it on the old, tried and true H-D XR750. Hallelujah Brothers! We have been redeemed. Congratulations Jeffrey , your ride tonight will be remembered for ever in the hearts of the Flat Track Faithful. They say they do it big in Texas well, this is certainly one of those occasions.

Maybe this will inspire the XR contingent to get back to business with the machines they know and love but for some reason forsake in 2017. Maybe they were spooked by the Indian Shamans smoke signals and turned to alternatives in the form of Kawis and Yamahas. Dave Zanotti parked his stable of deadly fast Harleys and was the most successful of all with the Kawi/ Briar Bauman combo. Everyone else sputtered, saved with flashes of competitiveness with Sammy's inspired Yamaha rides.
This years lap times have been studied with an intense focus by all and the conclusion is that compared with lap times from the past few years , the Indians are not really that fast. In fact , statistically , XR750 are faster after all. 2018 should be the revival of the mighty XR. So, adios to boring 1-2-3 finishes from the Redskin Racers and look forward to the old guard powerhouses ( but, certainly not the Motor Co.) of Harleydome to field fire-breathing XR750 winners.

Lone Star Half - Mile Happening right now ! Fanschoicetv

 Larry Pegram, a hard charging old school Flat Tracker from a past era, will replace Brad Baker on the Wigwam Racing Team. Brad broke his jaw crashing on his Mt. Bike. Larry rode the Indian recently and is a great choice to make things interesting at the Lone Star Half Mile. will start coverage at 12.00pm PT, today. Its like being there. They do an incredibly great job and is the best thing to happen to American Flat Track in a very long time. Thank you FanschoiceTV !

'51 Merc

Thursday, September 21, 2017