Saturday, March 17, 2018

Multi-Brand Daytona TT a success

 Mess on his No.1 Indian battles J.D. Beach on the G&G Yamaha. Flat Track Champ vs Flat Tracker turned successful road-racer and returned part time Flat Tracker. Mess and Beach have finished 1st and 2nd in the last two races. Lets hope Beach can race a good number AFT races and keep this competition and excitement going. The Wig Wam Team did not dominate totally with their two other riders being mid pack finishers. Its Indian, Yamaha and Kawi with the strongest performances. Harley are still sucking hind titties and if they can turn it around this year, I think it will be a miracle. Supposedly traction and the lack of it is the problem and maybe too many horses.
 Henry Wiles was fast as expected but got mired in time consuming contests in mid pack which lost him contact with the front runners. He did make a hard charge to get on the podium in third. He made a silk purse out of a sow's ear and came away happy to be on the box. The track was not really up to the standard deserved by these high caliber competitors but, it is Daytona and these home made tracks are so to fit into the venue. This years track provided some great racing but it should be better. What to do ? I thought they were building a state of the art 3/8ths short track a few years ago but they used the same mystery dirt-sand combo that always turns into a dusty dry rough as guts disaster. If they would spend some money and effort and get some decent clay-DG layed down for the Short Track, I think that would solve all the problems and produce the first class racing the riders and fans deserve. The Daytona group has oodles of money yet, they don't have the leadership to get the job done. Someone has to get the message across so the opener of the AFT season is spectacular and not some hokey backyard cluster.
Talking about clusters, H.D. are still looking like amateurs, floundering around at the back of the pack, barely making it into the Main. Halbert can ride and is good at muscling his way to the front on bikes that are not the creme of the crop. He did lead the Motor Co. squad but could not get the new DOHC racing motor to even look the slightest bit competitive. With any luck, they will find the one thing that is holding them back and they get right back in the fray. The sport deserves to have Harley fighting for the Championship and taking on the three other competitive brands. AFT got out of Daytona with no real egg on their face and with a Short Track next, lets hope we have a barn burner that will demonstrate the highly exciting racing that is "The Greatest Show on Earth".

Thanks to Cycle World for the great photos!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Mees and Bromley dominate Daytona TT

 The Champ did what he does best at the Daytona TT, he rode brilliantly and put a whoopin' on those boys.  He had some very serious competition that would have pounced on him if he made one tiny mistake . He did not. What a way to start the season. Congratulations Jared !
 Here we go with the 2018 Battle of the Little Big Horn. Indians kicking ass again.
 J.D. Beach is a Motorcycle Racing Phenom. He came so close to Mees in a display of tenacity and talent. What a ride.
 Henry Wiles could have won if the cards and traffic had gone his way. He had the speed but didn't get the breaks you sometime need to have it come together. Nice effort and hopefully the start of a great season for Hammerin Hank.
 To win this race and beat the many super fast and talented riders in this field is a real accomplishment for Dan Bromley. He suffered with the same wet and slippery track they all fought in the Main, survived the numerous restarts, got the jump he needed with a brilliant start and slayed the field with a stunning performance and left them all way behind. The ride of a lifetime. This establishes this young man as real contender in  Flat Track Racing. Congratulations Dan, what a huge win.
This is icing on the cake! A huge stand up wheelie to take the checkers, while gaping one of the most formidable fields in Singles Racing history. That race was something great to witness and very fitting for Daytona, a race that can always produce something unexpected and totally thrilling.

The TT should be all about the Jump !

 Ascot had a real jump and Peoria had a real jump but I think today we are going to see a hump not a jump at Daytona. I never rode Peoria but I did have the pleasure of flying off the Ascot TT jump many ,many times and it was fun. You came around a tight right hander onto the very short spurt before the jump. No doubt you would be in second gear so if you wanted to, you could really launch yourself off the lip and into the wild blue yonder and hope for the best and this is what most riders did. You could also moderate it a little and land just over the flat on the beginning of the downhill and power down the slope hopefully catching and passing your hard landing competitors.Then it was a hard blast down to the decreasing radius right that was mostly slippery and treacherous. The 50 Lap TT was the big one in the early days and landing a big heavy twin 50 times had to take a toll. Later the Nationals were 25 laps which produced high flying, tight racing. Lets hope today's Daytona TT jump lets them air it out and have some fun.

The late, great Rick Hocking lets it fly on Ascot's famous TT jump.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Haulin'Ass Hank - TT Tyrant.

 Henry Wiles has got to be an odds on favorite to win the First round of the AFT season at the Daytona TT. His performance at the Peoria TT was nothing less than astounding. He did have an unusual bike that was a 450 /Twin hybrid that worked so well for him. I don't know if he will ride the same bike on Thursday night but, as they say, don't matter none. This guy hauls ass on any TT track, on any bike. Look for Hank on top of the box.

 Celebrating his Peoria routing of the entire field in the most convincing manner.
 Sliding turn Three, Perris Half Mile National ,Oct 2017.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Flyin' Bubba Blackwell Flys again at Daytona Opener

The versatile and congenial Motorcycle Jumper, Bubba Blackwell will attempt a death defying 14 pickup jump as part of the opening ceremonies at Thursday nights Daytona TT. After the jump Bubba will take over as Starter-Flagman for the entire season, as well as doing his usual on track announcing. I have seen Bubba jump before and we here at the Poppa Wheelie Garage wish him all the best. I bet that open mega XR will sound great wheelieing up and down the back straight during Bubba's pre-jump antics. I wonder if they have AMA Hero Starter Kevin Clark waiting in the wings, just in case Bubba pulls an EK while jumping with a man's bike not some kiddie Honda 450 ! Let her rip, Bubba !

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Briar Bauman ready to rock March 15th, Thursday DAYTONA T.T.

 Look for 14 to star on Zanotti Racing's Kawasaki at the Daytona TT this Thursday !