Thursday, November 16, 2017

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Gyro Tech

Ford Motor Companies star stylist and tech wizard, Alex Tremulis, with the help of Detroit Triumph Dealer Bob Leppan, developed a self balancing motorcycle in 1965 as test bed for a system which they ultimately did not use in their Bonneville streamliner, Gyronaught X1. 
Starting in 1966, Gyronaut X1 was the fastest two wheel vehicle for 15 years, at 245 mph, powered by two TR-6, 75 hp, 650cc parallel twins, running at 8200 rpm. 

Honda are now hyping their gyro, self centering bike, made for Snowflakes who are offended at the idea they might have to spend time, effort and maybe have a little skin in the game. I think this will be a legal nightmare for Honda. Why put unskilled pukes on two wheels if they don't have a burning desire to master something truly amazing. You get some dolt on a self balancing bike and the first thing that happens, they get point fixation and T-bone the first challenging obstacle that shows up suddenly in their path. Putting a unskilled rider on this technology is signing their death warrant. Honda says it is meant to broaden the appeal of motorcycles to people who normally would not attempt to ride one. When learning to ride a motorcycle, if possible , start on a little dirt bike, in the dirt and get competent and you will learn all the reasons why balance is probably the most critical factor and all the hugely important nuances that don't have anything to do with just keeping it upright on two wheels.
Gyro Tech makes sense if you have a two wheeled device that is enclosed and you can't get your feet on the ground quickly. I could see Honda making a 1000R powered Gyro Streamliner for freeway cruising.

This kind of Gyro one wheeler will never take off.
Wobbling around on this thing would make you sea sick.

1923 Gyro Tech.